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Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
Quality Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
Our focus is to produce quality material of high class cylinder sleeves and cylinder liner. As exporters of Cylinder liner and auto sleeves products, we are highly conscious of quality as an experience to export the supplies to other countries...

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Cylinder Liner Exporters Company Network
Owing to our genuine and sincere efforts to conform to specified standards, our cylinder liner and sleeves products in India have been successful in captivating a wide spectrum of the international market...

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About Us - Jailiners India
We have been recognized as being highly ranked Cylinder liner exporters and sleeves manufacturers delivering excellence in every domain. Our strong belief has always been to maintain customers by providing satisfactory products of a wide range of cylinder liner and linersleeves in India. Since the establishment of the company in 1975 we have been appreciated for our precision engineered products.
Our aim is to be the most admired amongst the top companies in Asia excelling in the field of manufacturing and exporting of cylinder liner and sleeves thereby creating customer satisfaction through global standards and value based partnerships.
Our Products
Cylinder Liner and Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
As Cylinder sleeves manufacturers we cater a wide variety of Cylinder liner in India and in recent time our product Cylinder sleeves in India has been able to attract customers from the global market also. For years we have been known for our safe operational and low maintenance product features which conform to the International standards. In recent years we have gained popularity as being one of the most reliable Cylinder liner, Auto sleeves and auto liner exporters.