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Jai Liners for Preventive maintenance for “Automobile Parts India” is integral to the long life of a vehicle. Preventive maintenance, as the name suggests, ensures that there are no unforeseen breakdowns in the future of a vehicle. This task becomes easier if it is followed regularly.

The Owner’s Manual
The owner’s manual is a book that provides all necessary guidelines for the vehicle it comes with. An owner’s manual will have all the necessary preventive maintenance methods that should be performed on the vehicle and it also gives the timeline of getting this maintenance done. For every different model of a vehicle, the interval between services will vary and this is one of the crucial pieces of information that the owner’s manual provides.

Oil and Filter Changes
In the past, it was standard practice to change the engine oil for every three thousand miles the vehicle travels. However, with the use of synthetic oil, this has considerably reduced since the synthetic oil keeps the engine clean for a longer period of time. In present times, the recommended time interval for changing the oil is after every five thousand miles that the vehicle has travelled. Every time the oil of the engine is changed, it is also necessary that the filter is changed as well so that the dirt contained in the old filter does not contaminate the fresh and clean engine oil in the vehicle.

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Other Fluids
A vehicle requires fluid other than engine oil to necessitate the smooth functioning of it. This includes fluids like the engine coolant, the transmission fluid, the brake fluid and the differential fluid all, all of which has a specific level that it must be present at so that the vehicle functions properly. Each time the vehicle is serviced, these fluids are generally checked up on. The owner’s manual provides further details on how often these fluids have to be changed depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

The Belts
Each vehicle has a number of belts that need to check regularly so that it does not break unexpectedly. If the belt breaks while the vehicle is running, this can lead to the loss of electrical power, air conditioning, the power steering, the engine and other such important components of the vehicle. Typically, there are three kinds of belts that must be checked regularly - V- belts that are found mostly in older vehicles, serpentine belts, and timing belts. Thinning in certain parts or fraying of the belts is common signs that indicate a need for the belts to be changed.

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Spark Plugs
Spark plugs facilitate the vehicle to start when the ignition key is turned, by creating the sparks necessary for the engine to start and keep running. These require be checking on and changing periodically in case of any signs of wear and tear. A manufacturer typically requires a certain mileage to be achieved by the vehicle before it is changed; however, it is still necessary that it is checked on once in a while. When one shows wear and tear, it is often recommended that all the spark plugs be changed and the spark wire also is checked on for wear and tear.

Engine Air Filter
This should be changed more frequently in a vehicle that is driven over gravel more than over a pavement before it gets completely clogged.

It is typically recommended that when buying automobile parts in India, they should be bought from the authorized dealer of the company of the vehicle the part belongs to. This is to ensure that there are no unnecessary complications that could arise from the use of counterfeit spare parts.

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