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Dry Cylinder Liners

Dry Cylinder Liners

Product Overview

Dry Cylinder Liners Manufacturers & Exporters India

Dry cylinder liners are the basic piston covers. They must endure very high temperatures and secure against dirt, so they are composed of high-grade materials, like cast iron and ceramic-nickel plating. We are recognized for such Dry Cylinder Liners globally.

  • Centrifugally Cast Cylinder Liner & Sleeves with precise machining.
  • Manufactured with is FG220/ASTM material specification with Chromium & Nickel elements
  • Micro structure & chemical composition analysis of each and every batch.
  • Fine Plateau Honed cylinder liner bore.
  • Randomly inspection of honing angle and structure of cylinder liners.
  • Randomly check tensile strength and profiles.
  • 100% dimensional inspection of finished Cylinder Liners.
  • 20000 pieces production capacity of Cylinder Liners per month.
  • We produce more than 1200 various models of Cylinder Liners for different
Operation Diameter (mm) Accuracy
Inner Dia 40.00 to 250.00 ± 0.020 mm
Outer Dia 44.00 to 350.00 ± 0.020 mm
Total Length 70.00 to 500.00 ± 0.100 mm

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