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Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
Quality Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturer
Our focus is to produce quality material of high class cylinder sleeves and cylinder liner. As exporters of Cylinder liner and auto sleeves products, we are highly conscious of quality as an experience to export the supplies to other countries...

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Cylinder Liner Exporters Company Network
Owing to our genuine and sincere efforts to conform to specified standards, our cylinder liner and sleeves products in India have been successful in captivating a wide spectrum of the international market...

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VALVE GUIDE & PISTON PINS cast iron bar Manufacturer CRANK SHAFT
CONNECTING RODS Piston Pins Manufacturer PISTONS
cast iron bar Manufacturer C.I. BARS FOR VALVE SEAT INSERTS    

Valve Seats & C.I. Bars

cast iron bar Manufacturer
  • Nickel and chromium casted valve seats with multiple options as per customer specifications
  • Seat grinding clearance maintained at 15 microns and face parallelism at 7 microns
  • Profile test, dimensional test and material test is carried out for each batch.
  • Having wide production capacity for valve seats that suits almost every model available worldwide