Cylinder Liner Sleeves Manufacturers

Jai Liners is a renowned dry cylinder liners exporters and manufacturers. We are considered one of the most trustworthy and popular cylinder sleeves manufacturers and liner sleeves manufacturers of the country as we have been supplying high-quality liner sleeves in India. The dry cylinder liners are piston covers. As they are covered, therefore, they have to be strong and dependable.

Jai Liners manufacture premium quality cylinder liners in India!

We, at Jai Liners, believe in making high-quality products that last long. We only focus on making reliable cylinder sleeves in India for the clients. Our dry cylinder liners are capable of strongly enduring high temperatures. Also, they are mostly resistant to dirt to a great extent as well. One of the top qualities that make us one of the top liner sleeves manufacturers and cylinder sleeves manufacturers is that we use only certified, high-grade material to make cylinder sleeves in India. We mostly use ceramic nickel plating and cast iron to make cylinder liners in India. Our dry cylinder liners are renowned globally.

Features of Jai Liners Dry Cylinder Liners

  • At Jai Liners, we use high-grade materials to make auto parts, like Chromium and Nickel.
  • FG220/ASTM material specification
  • Jai Liners analyze the chemical composition as well as the micro structure of the liners.
  • We make sure that we test and analyze every batch to ensure that only top-quality products reach the market.
  • We have the capability to centrifugally cast dry cylinder liners.
  • Our team uses precision engineering techniques to make cylinder liners in India.
  • We have the proper process to analyze the tensile strength and profiles.
  • Our experts leave no stone unturned to perform a 100% dimensional inspection of the liners and sleeves.
  • Fine plateau on the cylinder liner bore.
  • Our quality team carefully inspects the honing angle as well as the structure of the cylinder liners.

Jai Liners has been making a wide range of Cylinder Liners in India for various companies for a long time. We have the capability to make approximately 20000 cylinder liners every month. Additionally, our manufacturing unit is capable of manufacturing more than 1200 distinct models of cylinder liners for different requirements. If you would like to know more about either dry cylinder liners, cylinder sleeves or liner sleeves or any other product that we manufacture, please feel free to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to assist you and answer all your queries.


Operation Diameter (mm) Accuracy
Inner Dia 40.00 to 250.00 ± 0.020 mm
Outer Dia 44.00 to 350.00 ± 0.020 mm
Total Length 70.00 to 500.00 ± 0.100 mm
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