Worldwide recognised Cylinder Liner Manufacturer & Exporter from India

Jai Liners’ cylinder liner and sleeves products are extensively preferred across the world. We, honestly conform to specified standards to make high-end products. We have successfully impressed a wide spectrum of the global market. Jai Liners have gained a reputation of being one of the top cylinder liner and sleeve manufacturers in the world. We make high quality air-cooled cylinder liners, auto liners, liner sleeves, auto sleeves and many other products. We are recognized as one of the topmost auto liner exporters in the world as we have been supplying a good quantity of products to the clients in different countries.

Our team leaves no stone unturned to provide an exceptional experience to the customers across the world. Jai Liners’ liners and sleeves have grabbed the markets in various countries, like Egypt, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Lebanon, Algeria, Singapore, Nepal etc.